• ART OF..

26th October 2013, Chorzow 

art of.. is a project of cultural and business meetings, designed to combine art and business. This is an idea, which since some time is becoming more and more popular and that is why we think that through the art we can reach people’s hearts, increasing the aesthetics of their lives, and enriching them with new values. It’s exactly the art that affects on our emotions, brings us closer to each other and makes it easier to establish relationships. It’s worth to recall the words of Andy Warhol, who used to say that "The best art is business." The idea of approaching the culture and business is characteristic in most developed societies. That’s why we truly care that our partners realize how great potential has art in promoting the image of their company. The direct relationship of art and business is also creating a real space where these two spheres can infiltrate each other. The real space mentioned above we create during our event offering to the art and business tenement “Old Bakery”.


In the interesting interior of the building all the artists will be able to exhibit their work, arranging rooms according to their own inspiration, creating a unique design and art galleries. Space created by them, will become artistic enclave that certainly will inspire all visitors.


However, business partners and associations for entrepreneurs provide the opportunity to establish interesting business contacts.

Art also for palate

Such an event can’t have place without local restaurants, wineries, cafes and companies connected with the culinary art. We hope that during the event, guests can taste local dishes to try exceptional wine, coffee and menu specially prepared for this meeting.


  • Entrepreneurs Conference of Lodz Region( Ziemia Lodzka)

Connectiva -a partner of the Regional Confederation of Private Employers of Lodz Region would like to invite you to the conference "Entrepreneurs of Lodz Region, entrepreneurs in the country-Opportunities and Challenges". The conference will take place on 25th of June 2013 in Ambassador Center Hotel at Al. Piłsudskiego 29 Lodz from 11.00 am. 

More information on: www.wizerunekprzedsiebiorcow.pl